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'Forget your purse, let's go!'; Dramatic water rescue caught on deputies' cameras

Posted at 9:19 AM, Mar 02, 2021

Deputies in Florida didn’t hesitate to jump into a retention pond to rescue a trapped driver inside her car.

Video from sheriff’s deputies’ body cameras and vehicles shows the dramatic rescue of the 73-year-old woman.

Volusia County deputies were called to the crash site Saturday night and found the car in the water.

The first deputy who arrived quickly jumped into the water and headed to the car. He was soon joined by another deputy.

They worked to calm down the driver and remove her from the car, as the car sunk deeper into the pond.

“Climb out, climb out to the back, the door’s open, climb out!” the deputy can be heard on the video shouting as he opens a door. “I’m trying!” the woman shouts back.

“Forget your purse, let’s go!” the deputy says, as they work to pull the woman out the back door.

Night vision video taken from a police vehicle overhead captured the moment the deputies were able to pull the woman from the car and swim with her to shore.

As the three sit near the shore, one deputy can be heard updating the situation for responding units and says the car is underwater.

The woman is reportedly OK.

One of the deputies was even able to grab her purse from the car on their way out.