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Dream Caps aims to provide hope, confidence to children battling cancer

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jul 13, 2021

"There are no words to describe that day. It’s a traumatic day. It’s a traumatic experience," said Liane Sanchez.

At six years old, Liane’s son, Chris, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

"It was kind of like seeing myself from afar, and everything was surreal. Looking at him and not knowing what was going on that day. It took some time when he was feeling better, being able to explain to him what was going on and what he should expect for the next few years," said Liane.

During his treatment, Chris lost his hair. Liane said on most days; he would wear a cap outside of the house.

"Losing your hair, you know. Chris is a tough kid, really as tough as they come. Hair wasn’t a big deal; we didn’t make it a big deal in our family. We rejoiced because it was a sign that the chemotherapy was working, but it is a visual reminder of everything his little body is going through," she said.

Chris was originally scheduled to complete treatment in January 2022 but based on favorable results; he completed treatment a year earlier than anticipated. Chris is now in remission.

"He was very responsive to the chemo treatment, and he was characterized as being in remission within 30 days," said Liane.

Once he completed treatment, Chris’ sister Aneli had the idea of making hats for children fighting the same battle. That’s when Dream Caps was born.

"Chris really has a knack for colors and styles. So he helps with the hats and the design. My daughter, she’s helped with a lot of the sayings and the logos," said Liane.

Every hat inspires kids battling cancer to be filled with hope and continue to dream big.

"What I love most about dream caps is that I love to help people and remind them to follow their dreams," said Chris.

"I think it’s important making hats in hopes of making smiles on their faces," said Aneli.

Liane said with every purchase, a hat is donated to a child battling cancer.

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Melissa Marrero at WSFL first reported this story.