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Domino's offers new 'tip' for customers who skip delivery amid driver shortage

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Posted at 7:26 AM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 09:26:46-05

Domino's announced a new promotion to help overcome staffing shortages and inflation by offering customers a little extra cheese.

The pizza chain announced Monday that "every great delivery driver deserves a tip" including its own customers.

The new promotion will offer a $3 credit toward a future order for anyone who picks up their pizza rather than getting it delivered.

Domino's incentive was launched ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, a popular day for pizza with Americans estimated to consume up to 20% more pies.

Slice, the pizza ordering and delivery app, said it will work with independent pizzerias on the platform to help manage order surges.

"Our entire digital capabilities, as well as our operations and people services piece of this is how we are helping independent shops solve for this problem related to staffing," Kevin Hamilton told "Good Morning America."

But staffing shortages aren't the only thing being stretched thin, according to other pizzeria owners.

"Flour prices, cheese prices, chicken wings are just insane," Seth Westgate, owner of Vito's Pizza told "GMA." "It's honestly just outrageous how expensive things are right now."

Domino's also warned investors earlier this year that it's bracing for a spike in food costs, up to four times the normal rate of inflation.

Unfortunately, that means higher costs for consumers, with limited discounts and even potentially smaller portions even if customers aren't ordering pizza.

Domino's announced it will be changing its wings baskets from 10 pieces to eight.

"Customers are wary about these price increases and in part, this move by Domino's is an attempt to try to make it more amenable to the customer," economist Daniel Zhao told "GMA."