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Dangerous toys for sale in stores, report says

Posted at 11:38 AM, Dec 01, 2014

A Dora the Explorer backpack and Hello Kitty jewelry set are among several items deemed dangerous in the annual Trouble in Toyland safety report.

The report says several toys for sale in stores cross the U.S. are choking hazards or have concentrations of toxic substances that exceed federal standards. It identifies potential issues with the hundreds of toys inspected, including high levels of lead, chromium and phthalates; small parts or pieces that may block a child’s airway, balloons small enough to be easily inhaled, magnets that are powerful enough to be fatal if two or more are swallowed and batteries that could be ingested and excessive noise.

Some of the toys mentioned in the report from the U.S.PIRGEducation Fund include:

Badge Playset, includes fake law enforcement badges, from Greenbrier International; sold at Dollar Tree. Lead hazard.

Jake and the Netherland Pirates Tambourine, from Greenbrier International; sold at Dollar Tree. Chromium hazard.

Hello Kitty bracelet and hair clips accessory set, from H.E.R. Accessories/JoAnn Stores, Inc; sold at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Phthalate hazard.

Dora the Explorer backpack, from FAB Starpoint; sold at Walgreens. Phthalate hazard.

Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Figurine Playset, from Disney Store; sold online at Choking hazard.

Shopping Cart Playset, from Just Kidz; sold at Kmart. Choking hazard.

There are several more toys on the report’s list, which includes photos (if clicking through to the report, the toy example list begins on page 23).

The report aims to inform the public as well as suggest guidelines for lawmakers.