US issues 100+ new ‘do not travel’ advisories citing COVID-19 risks; list includes Canada, Mexico

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Posted at 2:36 PM, Apr 23, 2021

The State Department has updated their list of travel advisories in light of increasing COVID-19 infection rates globally. More than 115 travel warnings at the highest level, “do not travel,” were issued between April 20 and 21, and include U.S. neighbors Canada and Mexico “due to COVID-19.”

The government issues warnings routinely based on different risk factors, like safety concerns, crime rates or illness.

Just a week ago, there were only 33 countries on the government’s “do not travel” list. The list now includes roughly 80% of the world’s countries with more than 150 warnings at the highest level.

While vaccine access is widespread in the U.S., in other countries that is not the case, and spiking COVID-19 infection rates have some governments considering more lockdowns or restrictions to slow the spread.

The “do not travel” list also includes the United Kingdom, Germany and most of Europe, in addition to India, Russia and Brazil, which are seeing spikes in infection rates.

The State Department's advisories are not restrictions, they are a recommendation and warning.

Although Americans are anxious to travel after a year of lockdowns and coronavirus pandemic restrictions, the CDC says travel domestically or abroad still poses risks of COVID-19 infection or spread.

Earlier this month, the agency came out with new guidance that says fully-vaccinated Americans can travel safely with a low risk of infection.