Chipotle launches game that lets you win free food

'A Love Story' matching game is online now
Posted at 6:53 AM, Oct 11, 2016

If there was ever a reason to play an online game, it would be winning free food.

Chipotle has launched a new game that puts a player's memory to the test and rewards them with a free entree from the restaurant.

Chipotle's "A Love Story" match game went online Tuesday and promises to reward players with a buy-one, get-one free coupon, while supplies last. The game asks players to flip cards and match real Chipotle ingredients while avoiding "imposter" ingredients.

The game is based on the animated promotional film "A Love Story"that was released by the restaurant chain in July. According to Chipotle, the film has been watched more than 61 million times online.

Click here to play the game and hopefully win some free food from Chipotle.

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