Cat clings on for 400-mile after escaping from truck driver's cabin

Posted at 6:48 PM, Mar 07, 2017

Paul Robertson was relieved to find his beloved cat Percy after his feline hid for up to 40 hours in the undercarriage of the 18-wheeler Robertson drove through the Midwest. 

After alerting his friends on Facebook that he lost Percy in late February, Robertson later posted an update saying that Percy has been found. Robertson believed that Percy had escaped his truck by using the truck's power windows while Robertson slept. 

Robertson, a Minnesota native, took a break at a rest stop at the Ohio/Indiana border. Robertson spent hours searching for his cat in the rain. Realizing that he would miss his deadline, Robertson had to take off without Percy. 

"I've had to leave without him. I feel like the worst cat dad ever," Robertson said on his Facebook page. 

Later that night, Robertson found Percy 400 miles down the road hiding under his truck. This after going over bumpy, muddy and cold Midwest roads.

"He was cold and miserable and a bit wide-eyed," Robertson wrote. "He stinks like 400 miles of bad road and old truck, but somehow this amazing animal rode with me all day today hanging onto the undercarriage."

After going nearly 40 hours without seeing Percy, Robertson was overjoyed to find his cat. 

"I scooped him up and we were soon back together in the truck, cuddling and hugging and purring and happy as can be," Robertson said.