Boy honored after saving girl stuck in septic tank

Posted at 7:06 AM, Apr 18, 2017

A Vermont boy earned accolades after rescuing his friend from a septic tank. 

Quinnlan Kittson, 10, heard a scream from his friend Hannah Danaher after the girl fell into a septic tank, according to Burlington, Vermont-based WCAX

"I jumped on top of the septic tank cover, it flipped behind my back and I fell in and I put my hands out and when they got me out there were nail marks in the ground from me trying to hold myself up," Hannah told WCAX.

Quinn quickly got responded. 

"I ran over just to see what's wrong and I got scared when I first saw she was actually in a hole, so I told her not to let go of the rim, I just grabbed onto her arm while she was doing that, and started pulling her up," Quinn told WCAX.

Another boy went to get help and eventually the girl was pulled from the septic tank. 

For more on the story, watch this video from CNN.