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Alleged serial bank robber in Michigan tells FBI he 'lost his marbles'

Suspected allegedly hit 3 banks in 5 days
Posted at 1:35 PM, Jan 18, 2018

A Michigan man who admitted to robbing three banks was charged with bank robbery on Wednesday afternoon.

According to law enforcement officials, 35-year-old Kenneth Kniivila admitted to robbing three banks: Two in Michigan and one in Ohio.

According to criminal complaints, Kniivila told FBI agents he "lost his marbles" and stated it was time to "end this s****" while driving around Toledo looking for a bank to rob. 

On Jan. 11, a man entered a Bank of America in Howell, approached the teller, placed a black bag on the counter and handed her a note that stated "Give me all the money. 

The teller said she believed a black handgun was in his left hand, and placed between $4,000 and $6,000 in cash into the black bag.

On Jan. 16, a man entered a Huntington Bank in Toledo, Ohio, presented a firearm and demanded money. The teller placed the money into the man's bag, along with a dye pack. 

After the suspect left the bank, the dye pack exploded, causing a red dye to cover the cash and the suspect, who continued to flee on foot after dropping the bag to the ground. 

The bag was recovered by law enforcement, and inside the bag, found money stained with red dye and a black pellet gun.

Also on Jan. 16, a man entered a Fifth Third Bank located in Monroe, who approached the teller and gave a demand note which read:

"This is a robbery!! Gun Pointed at U!!
Quickly and quietly fan out cash on counter
If you put a hidden and exploding dye pack in with cash I will come back in here and end your life, so be SMART..
I have nothing to lose, Im sure U do
SO follow these instructions and no one gets hurt!!"

The teller read the demand note and gave money to the male, who left the bank on foot. 

Through tips and interviews, law enforcement identified Kniivila as the primary suspect, who admitted to the three robberies.