5 of the weirdest things we saw at Tuesday's Republican National Convention

Posted at 3:45 PM, Jul 20, 2016

Been following this week's activity at the Republican National Convention?

We're streaming the events for you live on ABC15's YouTube channel, and Day 2 was particularly entertaining.

From hot mics to Ivanka Trump's... well, take a look for yourself at the 5 weirdest things we saw at Tuesday's Republican National Convention. 

The evolution of the tree people... 

It all started with a Christmas tree. By the end of the Roll Call of the States, it was like the Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July

1.) The mysterious shot of a man from behind wearing a Christmas tree initially concerned me.


2.) We discover that the man wearing the Christmas tree is an exceptional dancer... and is recruiting.

3.) The Christmas tree people are multiplying at an alarming rate. 

4.) Finally. The Christmas tree people are identified. BRB. Moving to Washington. 

Make America Dad Dance Again.   Christmas tree guy is a great dancer but we have seen a lot of that so far at the Republican National Convention...  

1.) Dad Moves 2.0

2.) Dad Moves Y2K

Paul Ryan, we can hear you. 

Speaker Paul Ryan seemed frustrated when organizers did not have everything tallied after the two-hour process of Roll Call of the States. "We're not ready," said someone on the stage. Ryan mumbled, "That's kind of what I figured." We heard you loud and clear Mr. Speaker.   

Guy on left.

Just watch. Who is he? We love him. Does he need some CLEAR CARE® Solution


I hope my future husband looks at me the way the guy on the right looks at Ivanka Trump.  

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