5 fireworks suitable to use around your child this July 4th

5 fireworks suitable to use around your child this July 4th
Posted at 3:10 AM, Jun 23, 2016
While the date is rich in history, the point of July 4th is quite simple in children’s eyes: Fireworks, fireworks and more fireworks.
Naturally, kids want to partake in that tradition -- but is it a good idea to subject your kids to the potential hazards of home fireworks?
While adults should handle the more serious (and let’s be honest – generally more spectacular) items, there are safe ways to let little Jack or Sally in on the fun.
While safety precautions are always necessary with fireworks, some are safer to use around children than others. Here are five safe items to use around your elementary-aged child.
1. Sparklers – An infamous children’s favorite, sparklers are generally appropriate for those ages 7 and older -- children younger than 7 may not use sparklers properly, creating a burn risk.
Sparklers, like the ones you can purchase here, allow children to experience the fun flashiness of fireworks while eliminating the possibility of an explosion. Burns, however, can still happen as children have shorter arms to hold the sparklers.
So here’s an idea – poke a hole in the bottom of a large plastic cup and put the sparkler through the hole. That way, the child’s hand will fit under and be protected by the cup.
2. Smoke ballsSmoke balls are considered among the so-called “safe and sane” fireworks, meaning they don’t fly or explode, and therefore eliminate potential risks that come with let's say a bottle rocket.
We never advise you to hand your children a lighter, so take care of this step yourself – then, either toss the colorful balls for your kids, or allow them it to do it themselves in a safe manner.
3. Cone fountains – With the added benefit of a generally long duration, these are also considered “safe and sane” fireworks. There isn’t much that can go wrong -- other than getting a dud, of course. And that’s the worst.

Cone fountains crack, whistle and glitter from the ground up. 
As long as you take care of the lighter work, your child can enjoy cone fountains from a safe distance and get a nice 4th of July experience. 
4. Snakes - After being lit, snakes begin to smoke up and grow.
These "safe and sane" fireworks are both interesting and safe fireworks for the youngsters, with no sparks or danger of things potentially flying in the wrong direction.

5. Ground-bloom flowers - While these fireworks swirl and change colors, giving more of a traditional firework feel, they never leave the ground; a perfect “safe and sane” item to light around your kids, given they stay at a safe distance.
You can purchase ground-bloom flowers here.