30-year teacher calls student a 'loser,' has license suspended

30-year teacher calls student a 'loser,' has license suspended
Posted at 8:17 PM, Apr 13, 2017

A veteran New Jersey teacher has lost her job and had her license suspended after calling one of her students a "loser" in a social media post, NBC-New York reports

According to WNBC, Paula Weckesser had been fired by the Woodbridge School District for a "prolonged period" of misconduct. The state's school board took action against the high school math teacher earlier this month. 

Officials said that her Facebook comments, coupled with past misconduct, led to her teaching license being suspended. She can reapply for her license in two years. 

Officials said that in addition to her Facebook post, she let her cellphone ring during a standardized test, made a student stand for 30-45 minutes after the child fell asleep and ridiculed a pupil whose native language was not English.

Weckesser was a math teacher for 30 years.