3 pit bulls kill Chihuahua, owners fight

Posted at 1:39 AM, Jan 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 20:17:53-05

A Las Vegas woman's dog was attacked and killed by three pit bulls Tuesday morning near South Las Vegas Boulevard and East Richmar Avenue. Now, the owners of the dogs are in a heated fight.

As we were beginning to interview the woman who just lost her Chihuahua, Nicole Gracia, the owner of the pit bulls, walked up and the two women began to argue as our cameras were rolling.
"Your dog killed my dog!" yelled Gracia. "What do you have to say about it?!"
"I'm sorry God," said the pit bull owner.
"You're sorry God?!" said Gracia. "Your dogs killed my dog! Go away!"
"I tried to get my dogs, ok?" said the pit bull owner.
The heated confrontation lasted about three minutes. 
Gracia says she was outside with her two dogs Tuesday morning when three pit bulls came running towards them and attacked.
Gracia sobbed on and off throughout our interview as she described her plans she had to take Bella, the dead Chihuahua, up to Mount Charleston to see the snow.
"I was off work today and I had her little sweaters and I was going to take her up to the snow!" she said.
Gracia wants the pit bulls out of her neighborhood.
Clark County confirmed with Action News, animal control responded to this incident. As far as what will happen with the pit bulls and their owner, that part is still under investigation.