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3 Mexican ships taking fuel, medical aid, and food to Cuba

APTOPIX Cuba Daily Life
Posted at 4:40 PM, Jul 27, 2021

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Two Mexican ships carrying food, fuel, and medical supplies are sailing to Cuba and the third is scheduled to leave Wednesday.

The first ship left Monday loaded with 100,000 barrels of diesel fuel that the Mexican government says will be used to provide power for Cuban hospitals.

A second ship operated by the Mexican navy left Tuesday and a third ship will leave Wednesday.

The Foreign Relations Department says those two ships will carry oxygen tanks, needles, and syringes as well as basic food items like powdered milk, cooking oil, and beans.

According to the Associated Press, the shipments were described by the department as "humanitarian assistance" to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, the Biden administration levied sanctions against one Cuban individual and one Cuban entity after anti-government protests exploded across the island earlier this month.