3 killed after car goes into pond following police chase

3 killed after car goes into pond following police chase
Posted at 7:01 PM, May 15, 2017

Police say three people were killed Monday morning after a car went into a pond in Clayton County after a police chase.

The accident was on Flint Road and Taylor Road.

A spokesperson with Clayton County police say they were told around 4:30 a.m. that the Fayette County Sheriff's Office was chasing a vehicle after a burglary in Fayetteville.

Police say the suspects were driving east on Flint River Road and eventually crashed into another vehicle and overturned in a private pond.

Police say four people were in the vehicle, adding that one person escaped from the scene.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called for medical examiner purposes, but confirm to CBS46 that they are not investigating the incident.

A spokesperson with Fayetteville police told CBS46 that prior to the fatal crash, three men broke the window of a Sprint store in the 1400 block of Georgia Highway 85.

The men allegedly ignored a security guard who tried to stop them and were able to steal several items from the store, according to authorities.

Police say a Fayetteville police officer arrived at the store as the men were leaving, so the officer advised everyone on police radio about the incident, which is when the pursuit began with a Fayette County sheriff's deputy.