10 things about Oreos you probably didn't know

Posted at 10:11 PM, Jul 05, 2016
Oreos. Is there anything more satisfying than pulling apart an Oreo cookie and licking out that delicious filling?  These little cookies have been delighting masses all over the world for more than a century.
Whether you dunk them, twist them or eat them whole, here are 11 surprising things you should know about Oreo cookies.
1. Oreos are over 100 years old.
Oreo celebrated 100 years in 2012 with a big birthday bash. Nabisco introduced the super-delicious Birthday Cake Oreos to help celebrate the centennial.

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2. The original Oreos were lemon-flavored too.
When first invented, Oreos came in two varieties: original and lemon meringue. The original was wildly more popular, and so the lemon variety was discontinued in 1920.
3. Cookie lovers have enjoyed more than 500 billion Oreos.
Since they were invented in 1912, over 500 billion Oreo cookies have been enjoyed around the world.
4. That’s enough Oreos to wrap around the earth more than 381 times.
If all the Oreos ever sold were laid end to end along the equator they could circle the earth 381. That same number of cookies stacked could reach the moon and back five times.
5. Oreos have their own holiday.
As if we needed another reason to eat Oreos—mark your calendars for National Oreo Day on March 6.
6. Oreos are available in over 100 countries.
Oreos are enjoyed all over the world, and in some pretty wacky flavor combos like, Green Tea Ice Cream (China), Oreo Duo Dulce De Leche and Banana (Argentina) and Orange Ice Cream (Indonesia).

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7. Double Stuf Oreos are not quite doubled.
A cookie-loving math teacher and his students cracked the case. Turns out Double Stuf Oreos have only 1.86 times the amount of filling compared to a regular Oreo.
8. The creme-to-cookie ratio is precise.
Perhaps their popularity comes down to an exact science: Oreos are 71 percent cookie to 29 percent creme. Always.
9. How you eat Oreos says something about your personality.

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Do you twist off the top? Eat the Oreo whole? How you eat an Oreo can say a lot about your personality. According to the Oreo cookie personality quiz, if you are a “twist, lick the inside, then eat”-type of person you are curious and also possibly a compulsive liar.
10. Men and women eat Oreos differently.
Turns out women savor the flavor longer than men. Forty-one percent of women twist the cookie apart before consuming, while 84 percent of men eat Oreos whole.