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Will 18 year-olds who had a birthday after the November election sway Georgia runoff?

Both parties are on the hunt for new voters
Posted at 3:50 PM, Jan 04, 2021

ATLANTA — Tuesday is a major day in American politics. With control of the United States Senate on the line, the highly anticipated Georgia runoff will take place.


By now many Americans know what is at stake. If Republicans win one of the two Senate runoff races, they will maintain control of the United States Senate.

If Democrats sweep both races, they will control the chamber for the next two years.


Democrats especially are looking for new voters. Traditionally, they haven't done as well as Republicans with runoff elections. Even though early voting records have been broken, Republicans maintain an edge.

For instance in November, Senator David Perdue, one of the two Republicans, up for reelection, won his race by around 88,000 votes.

It wasn't enough to stop a runoff, but this time it would be more than sufficient.


If Democrats are able to pull off the sweep, it will be in part to new voters. Michael Gusto is one such voter.

"I am special because I am one of the 23,000 individuals not quite fortunate to vote in the presidential election back on November 3rd, but am 18 and able to vote for this special runoff on January 5th," Gusto said from his suburban Atlanta home.

Gusto and his group Students for Tomorrow have devoted the last few weeks to getting the message out to those with recent birthdays they can vote this time.

"We are reaching out that age group," Gusto said.

Students for Tomorrow is often run out of a makeshift tent in the backyard of Gusto's family home.


One big challenge for Republicans is getting Trump supporters to vote again. President Donald Trump has, after all, repeatedly raised doubt about election officials in Georgia.

"The trump voters are important," Janelle King, a Republican strategist in Georgia, said.

"Republicans need Trump-licans in order to win this election," King added.

What Trump says during his runoff-eve rally could be critical in determining the outcome of the election. Cherrie, a Trump supporter in Centersville though, said she is proud to cast her vote again.

"This is how we do it though our voting process and that’s very important to me," Cherrie said.

Results will likely not be known until later in the week.