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Master Lego Builder is Job Goals

Posted at 10:00 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 14:26:06-04

Don’t let anybody tell you to grow up. 

“This is like, the perfect job for me. I love it,” said Alec Posta, Master Model Builder at Legoland Discovery Center

In the heart of Legoland Discovery Center at Arizona Mills Mall sits the nucleus of creativity. A couple of years ago,  Legoland Discovery Center held a contest to find their next Master Model Builder. Alec, who majored in graphic design at the University of Arizona, entered. 

“We had to design something on the spot while we were talking and interacting with kids. I built a jellyfish for my first round. In fact, I still have it right here,” said Posta. 

As Master Model Builder, Posta creates and builds all day long, but he’s also a resource for kids who have questions about building.

Along with oddball creations, Posta is making stop-motion videos, like a viral model of Downtown Phoenix being taken over by a haboob. 

“All I wanted to do as a kid was build legos, I didn’t want to leave the house,” said Posta. 

Now his childhood past time is a full-time job.