See woman's priceless reaction to granddaughter

Posted at 8:31 PM, Dec 25, 2015

An Indiana woman had a touching reaction to not only being surprised by her military son for Christmas, but also seeing her newborn granddaughter for the first time.

Eva Goeb, of Franklin, Indiana, was getting ready for church last Sunday when she and her husband, Don Goeb, heard a knock at the door.

Standing at the door was the couple’s only son, Donny Goeb, an active duty military officer stationed in Hawaii, and his wife, Miranda.

Donny, who had told his parents he would not be home for Christmas, had another surprise: in his arms was Lily, a two-week-old baby he and Miranda are in the process of adopting.

“I was just dumbfounded,” Eva Goeb told ABC News of both seeing her son and learning he is a dad. “I just had a flood of emotions and thoughts going through my head and, as soon as it registered, I just kind of lost it.”

Goeb said her husband told her only that Donny and Miranda were at the front door, so she came around the corner expecting to just see them. She had no idea there would be a newborn baby.

“We knew they were going through the adoption process but when we’d ask, Donny would always say, ‘Nope, there’s no news to announce yet,’” Goeb said. “Baby Lily is definitely an answer to prayers.”

The video of Goeb’s reaction has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

“My son just wanted to capture everyone’s response to the news,” Goeb said. “The only reason he put it on YouTube is because he’s military and has friends all over the place and every time he would try to send it on email it wasn’t successful.”

“We’re just amazed by all the attention,” Goeb added, who is already has two grandchildren. “But the celebration is about Lily. It’s not about me.”