VIDEO: Crying pup comforted by shelter employee

Posted at 8:27 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-27 17:54:58-05

A video of a crying puppy being comforted by a shelter staff member is being shared by animal lovers across the globe.

Meesha, a 10-week-old pit bull mix, was frightened following her spay surgery on Feb. 24 until surgical assistant Dennis Moses calmed her down, according to Bailey Deacon, team member at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore. 

"Coming off anesthesia, dogs are just like people...they don't know where they are and they're disoriented," Deacon told ABC News. "She was in the surgery room and she was really scared so [Moses] took her out into the hallway."

Deacon said Meesha had the surgery 24 hours before going home to a family that recently adopted her.

The footage of the sweet moment between the pup and Moses was captured by one of BARCS' volunteers and posted on the shelter's Facebook page where it received over 1 million views.

"It's the bad things people do to pets that usually become the viral story," Deacon said. "For someone to see a person treating an animal right...and taking the time to love it, and hold it and telling the puppy he loves her, it restores people's faith in humanity."

Dennis Moses said he was able to calm Meesha down after 15 minutes.

"She was more alert and awake and was back to her happy little puppy self," he told ABC News.

Baby Meesha was coming off her anesthesia and was a little scared because her body felt so weird. BARCS Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses took her out into the quiet hallway to comfort her. One of our awesome volunteers just happened to be walking by to capture this sweet moment. Thank you to Dennis and all the staff who work long, tireless hours in the background of our shelter—saving lives and loving the animals. (Turn on the sound, it will melt your heart!)

Posted by BARCS Animal Shelter on Thursday, February 25, 2016