Turning 3 Weird Canned Foods Into Gourmet Meals

Posted at 3:07 PM, Aug 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 17:03:23-04 has pretty much anything you can think of, including some really bizarre canned foods. We’re talking rattlesnake, gator, and even scorpions! Brian Corsetti teamed up with world class chef, Matthew Grunwald, to turn these cringe worthy ingredients into delicious, culinary creations.

1.  Canned Scorpions

You can tame the scorpion by putting it in crispy flauta shells. Then add fresh tomatoes and nice roasted chilies. Now just deep fry and you’re ready for a yummy Armor Tail Scorpions dish.

2.  Canned Alligator Meat

With the alligator on the back of the can, it's saying it's simmered in spirited Cajun gravy, but it needs some more spirit. Open the canned alligator meat and empty it into creamy Alfredo lasagna. Use a nice tomato sauce on the bottom and fresh greens on top. When you incorporate it in with hamburger and onions, it has that real lasagna taste.

3.  Canned Raisin Bread

Add some cream, sugar and eggs, and create a really luscious bread pudding. When that soaks up the cream, the eggs, sugar and vanilla paste, it gives it that wonderful soufflé texture. Don’t forget to top off with caramel sauce.

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Turning weird canned foods into delicious, culinary creations!

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