Play Pokemon Go Like a Pro Using These 3 Tips

Posted at 10:40 AM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 11:50:13-04

By now we've all heard of or seen people playing Pokémon Go, and whether you're thinking about getting started, or are already playing, these expert tips will have you catching em' all! Bradley Hasemeyer hit Phoenix Zoo to track down Pikachu. He also has three advanced tips so we can all play like a pro!

1.  Finding Pokémon

The bottom right corner of your screen has a box that shows you what's in your area where you'll see Pokémon with foot prints under them, three for far, two for medium, and one for close. So if you're moving in the right direction, you should see those poke-paws decrease.  If they increase you're going in the wrong direction. Now if all the Pokémon in the box are all three paws away, whatever is in the top left is closer, and the bottom right is the furthest away. Monitor that and you'll narrow them down.

2.  Level Up Quick

When you first start you'll find a lot of Pidgey's, but don't evolve or transfer them just yet. Instead collect as many as you can until you hit level 9. That'll unlock the lucky egg. Now, pop one of those and start evolving as many Pidgey's as you can. You’ll get one thousand experience points each time.

3.  Earn Coins

Normally you have to pay real life money for poke-coins, but there is away, although it be difficult, to earn them for free. All you do is take over a poke-gym, once you hit level five, and hold it for 20 hours. After that you receive 10 coins. You can take over 10 gyms at a time, so theoretically you can earn 100 coins every twenty hours.

More Tips and Tricks:

Thank you to Phoenix Zoo for having us! Happy hunting... And please trainers, be safe out there.

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