Little lamb in Ireland is convinced she's a dog!

Posted at 1:00 PM, Jan 17, 2016

A little lamb on a farm in southeastern Ireland is convinced she's a dog.

The baby sheep named Little Dorrit was born this past Christmas and was the runt of a litter, according to Suzanna Crampton, Little Dorrit's owner. Crampton is also the director and founder of Zwartbles Ireland, which primarily sells blankets, rugs and yarn made from the wool of sheep on Crampton's farm.

"Little Dorrit's brothers would bully her away from her mother's milk, so I took her into the kitchen and raised her," Crampton told ABC News today. "At the time, I also had a puppy inside named Bear, and they became best friends. That's where the story really starts." 

Because Little Dorrit was "young and impressionable," she took on the ways of Bear and Crampton's other dogs.

The lamb drinks from the same bowls as the pups, eats from their plates and tries to bathe with them, Crampton said.

She even responds to whistles and loves scratches under the chin, Crampton added.

The lamb and her dog "squad" do "everything together," Crampton said. "She dances along and runs with them outside and in the fields."

Crampton added that when she's outside in the fields counting sheep, she has to "check if it's hooves or paws" jumping on her.

Though Crampton said she sells some of the sheep on her farm, Little Dorrit will definitely not be up for grabs.