Independent artist Rachael Sage talks with ABC15 during Phoenix Pride

Posted at 12:21 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-04 17:36:16-04

Rachael Sage founded her record label, MPRESS Records, with the intent of creating music on her own terms. 

Fast forward two decades later and she's doing just that with the release of her 13th, full length album, Myopia.

"Witnessing friends arguing with each other on social media, and people unfriending each other because of the the political climate, got me thinking about how we look at the world. I thought this was the album to think about that sensory perception, and the metaphors were very rich for me with vision," Sage said.

Sage has also embraced the role, of being a role model adding, "With social media, bullying can be amplified so quickly and to such a larger extent, than just between individuals. I do think its crucial to do whatever we can to lift up young people." 

With that in mind, she's updated, one of her classic songs, "Sistersong".100 percent of the proceeds are going to Girls Inc, which is a nonprofit that encourages girls to be strong, smart and bold. 

Sage said that staying true to one's self, is sometimes a difficult journey. "The hardest part has been convincing people who are close to me, that's it's still worth pursuing."

Her Myopia Tour, is also the realization of a dream come true. Touring with Howard Jones, and even recording her version of, "No One Is To Blame", with his blessings

"Everything I have to do, it's never been hard for me to justify these things, because it's my dream. And I'm living my dream."

Rachael Sage's Myopia is available now. 

For more information about Sage check out her website, www.rachaelsage.comor