Ibotta app helps you earn cash back on purchases

Posted at 9:22 PM, May 12, 2017

Everyone likes free money, right?

So what if we told you the next time you go shopping, you could earn cash back, all with the click of a button.

Kathleen Holguin knows the value of a dollar. This mom says raising three kids isn't cheap. "So I do try to stick to a budget," says Kathleen.

But when it comes to saving a buck, she says she's found something even better than coupons. It's a free app called Ibotta.

"It's super easy," says Kathleen.

It works in more than 300 retail chains, restaurants, movie theaters, pharmacies and more. And it gives you cash back on everything from groceries to clothes to makeup.

"I'll kind of surf through. It takes just a few minutes to see what's new," says Kathleen.

Here's how it works. Just go shopping and buy what you're looking for, and you can still use your coupons.

Once you get home...

"You scan the product, and you scan the receipt," says Kathleen.

That's it! The cash back offer for that item is put right into your Ibotta account. Or you can choose from a number of different gift cards.

ABC15's sister station KTNV in Las Vegas spoke with Ibotta's founder and CEO, Bryan Leach, in Denver.

"You can open that app and it even begins to make recommendations that are personalized to you," says Bryan.

Kathleen says it worked for her.

She recently went shopping at Big 5, and the app actually sent her a notification.

"I was like oh, I didn't know that, so I was like perfect. I got home, scans, $5 back into my account," says Kathleen.

You can even use the app for online purchases.

"Download a movie on iTunes and get cash back. You can book a hotel at and get cash back. You can buy anything you want on GroupOn or on," says Bryan.

As for Kathleen, she's earned back more than $200 and says every little bit helps.

"In my opinion $5 is $5, $20 is $20. That's half a tank of gas," says Kathleen.

Ibotta says it's adding hundreds of new rebates and cash back offers every week.

To get your money, you need to save up at least $20. Then you collect that cash back through a PayPal account. And there's never any transaction fees, so you get 100% of that money sent straight to you.