VIDEO: Food comes with Bible verse at Sonic

Posted at 6:20 AM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 08:20:50-05

A Missouri Sonic hopes to give customers some food for thought with their combo meals.

Located in Raymore, the Sonic has been attaching stickers with Bible verses to food orders for quite some time. The practice has people in the area talking, especially on social media. 

"Third time in two weeks I've gotten a Bible verse sticker but NOT gotten part of my family's order from Sonic off 58th in Raymore. Thanks for the sermon, where are my cheese sticks," said one recent customer on Facebook. 

The Facebook thread soon erupted with polarizing takes from both those supporting the stickers and those against. 

"RAVE to Raymore Sonic for the inspiring Bible verses they put on the receipts. They've done it for as long as I can remember, whether it be on a sticker or on the actual receipt. Always brightens my day when I go there," said another customer in a Facebook post.

Many customers ABC15's sister station, 41 Action News spoke with in Raymore on Tuesday were supportive of the stickers. 

"I really don't have any problems with it," said Raymore resident mike Torrance. "It's their store, restaurant; they can do whatever they want."

Sonic is a public company, which means they aren't Christian-based such as Hobby Lobby or Chik-Fil-A. However, many Sonic Drive-Ins are franchise owned, therefore owners can make their own unique decisions.

"We don't have a policy backing this. It's the decision by the franchisee that owns and operates that specific drive in," said Sonic spokesman Jason Acock. 

The Raymore Sonic is using stickers now because they can no longer print Bible verses on receipts due to a machinery upgrade.

Although the Bible verse stickers don't come with every order, the Raymore Sonic doesn't plan on removing them from their business any time soon. Also, employees do have the option to use alternative stickers that are not Bible related.


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