AAA: Drivers urged to 'Move Over' this Labor Day

Posted at 5:39 AM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 08:39:38-04

As 1.2 million Arizonans hit the road this week for the final holiday of the summer, AAA is urging drivers to heed the state’s ‘Move Over’ law.

In an effort to encourage Arizona drivers to adhere to this road rule, AAA partnered with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Office of Highway safety to create a public service announcement about the state’s Move Over law.

During the filming, the agencies captured raw footage of Arizona drivers passing a AAA tow truck, stranded vehicle, and DPS patrol car – all of which were displaying flashing lights along a Valley freeway – without moving over or slowing down.

As a safety advocate, AAA urges Arizonans to follow the state’s 'Move Over' law and move over every vehicle, every time.

Arizona’s 'Move Over' law requires all drivers to move over a lane of traffic for any stationary vehicle with flashing lights. If unsafe to change lanes, slow down. This includes first responders, tow trucks and stranded motorists.

AAA is a leader in driver safety. Go to AAA Arizona’s Facebook page to share this important safety message with your friends and family.