9 things to never buy at a garage sale

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 01:36:30-04

The spring cleaning is finished, so let the yard sales begin! But, before you embark on your next treasure hunt, we've got a list of the dangerous items you should never buy.

Of course, we all dream of scoring that perfect garage sale bargain for just a couple of bucks. But beware!

Did you know, some of the deals in your neighbor's driveway could end up jeopardizing your family's safety?

There are a few things you should never buy at a garage sale, including bicycle helmets, child car seats, and tires. In all three cases, they could be damaged and unsafe.

Also avoid: beds (think bedbugs), cribs (too many have been recalled), shoes (consider health issues), hats (because no one washes hats), and swimsuits (because that's like buying used underwear).

Scoring inexpensive electronics may sound like a deal. But, Readers Digest found, in most cases, they don't work properly and fixing an old laptop or big screen TV can cost more than buying a new one.

Bottom line: if it's a safety-related item, don't buy it used. It's one time where paying for quality really pays off.