15 reasons why millennials do have it tougher

15 reasons why millennials do have it tougher
Posted at 10:59 AM, Jun 08, 2016

It's a popular opinion these days to brand millennials as lazy, whining, good-for-nothing, party animals, who expect the world to be given to them on a silver platter. And while we certainly believe you need to work hard to get ahead in this world, it turns out that some of that whining may have some merit to it.

As it turns out, things are little tougher for millennials than the generations before them. And most of it is thanks to the people tsk-tsk'ing them for their behavior.

15. Average asking for rent in 1988: $343 per month. Average asking for rent in 2014: $762 per month. That's an increase of about 222 percent (after adjusting for inflation). From: user Vann Vicente

14. As traditional pension plans are dying off while Social Security projections are decreasing, the average millennial may need to save upwards of $2 million for retirement. This is despite lower overall wages, mounting student debt and inadequate financial literacy. From: user Biclops

13. A young college-educated adult without any student debt typically has a net worth of about $64,700, which is more than seven times as much as a young, college-educated adult with student debt ($8,700). From: user Hestutomo

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