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Valley teenager offers hope to people helping children in Ukraine

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Posted at 9:26 PM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 00:38:30-05

SURPRISE, AZ — Many in the Valley are finding ways to help those in Ukraine. A mother-daughter duo in Surprise, Arizona is making a difference for kids.

Images of destruction and an ongoing war can be a lot for anyone to take in.

"For the lack of a better term? It is ugly. There are so many people there who are stuck and really can't do anything about it,” said Emma Roberson.

Especially a child, like 14-year-old Emma from Surprise. She says, she recently visited and watched a video updating the crisis overseas.

"I started thinking about all those people that were there and it kind of hurt to watch. There are people there. They are not stopping,” added Roberson. “They don't have any help. I just wanted to make sure I can give that to them."

The teen asked her mom for help figuring out how to assist children in Ukraine all the way from here in the Valley.

"It makes you realize you have a young adult who is discovering their voice and you just feel an overwhelming sense of pride,” said her mother, Anne Roberson.

Emma, who has a thing for drawing and digital design, decided to create artwork to give to everyone who donates to the organization 'Save the Children.'

Emma came up with the artwork's design, featuring Ukraine's national flower, just hours after asking her mom to help find a way to help those who live in the war zone.

"To me, it meant hope. You know the bright and happy colors kind of shine out the grey,” added Emma.

Hope is the Valley teen's offering to the people suffering.

"She has this voice she wants to use. But, now where the power is, is trying to involve as many people as possible because your strength is in numbers," added Anne.

People wanting to donate to ‘Save the Children’ and get one of Roberson’s pieces of art with a personalized message can click here.