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Valley community joins in effort to send thousands of medical supplies to Ukraine

Posted at 6:14 PM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 20:14:01-05

PHOENIX — The Valley community has come together to help Ukraine.

Many first-generation Ukrainians, and those with ties to the war-torn region, volunteered to get thousands of medical supplies packed and ready to be shipped to the region. This effort took place Thursday at the Ukrainian Culture Center located at: 730 W Elm St, Phoenix, AZ 85013.

Leaders of the effort tell ABC15 hundreds of boxes, carrying thousands of medical supplies, are set to be shipped off to Ukraine.

Among those giving a helping hand is Halyna Shershun, a Ukrainian mother, who just got to the states after fleeing the war. Her daughter, Olena Melnyk, says she is relieved her mom is safe.

“We will win,” said Shershun in Ukrainian.

Shershun got straight to work after arriving in Phoenix, though not without a heavy heart after leaving loved ones behind.

“It’s very hard. My heart is torn in three pieces. One here, one in Slovakia, and one back in Lviv,” she added while speaking Ukrainian.

Her daughter, Melnyk, says their family has been torn apart. Some of them, left to witness the airstrikes, and repeated gunfire in Ukraine.

“My dad stays back home, and mom is very upset that he didn’t want to leave,” said Melnyk.

She says her father is a doctor and works in a hospital in Ukraine. He loves his country and wants to help its people, which is why he refused to leave.

“We will not forgive Russians,” added Shershun.

Though they’re turning a heartbreaking situation into one of hope, both being able to come together to help their homeland.

“My mom is a doctor, so she is able to assist us with translation of medical supplies in the boxes,” said Melnyk.

Anastasia Glazunova, who was born in Ukraine, also did her part. She put the skills she’s gained as a second-year medical student at Midwestern University (AZCOM program) to work.

“It’s the least, basically that I could do is be here and help with this,” said Glazunova.

The medical student says she feels thankful the community is showing up for Ukraine.

“Bringing so many medical supplies. Like, this is awesome. So many boxes,” she added.

As the day went on and packing continued, it was evident a sense of pride was driving these Ukrainian volunteers to keep sorting and packing. Among the proud Ukrainians was Christine Boyko.

“Both my husband and I are first-generation-born Ukrainian Americans,” she told ABC15.

Boyko says they feel it’s their responsibility to help.

“It is unbelievably, overwhelmingly heartwarming to see this going on,” she said.

While devastation blankets Ukraine, these volunteers say the love they feel from the community is something they will forever be thankful for.

“Together we will win. Glory to Ukraine,” said Melnyk.

“Hold on. We are here for you,” added Shershun in tears, while speaking in Ukrainian.

Folks at the Ukrainian Culture Center say they are always looking for volunteers to help, especially those with a medical background.

Below you will find medical supply donation location sites and respective details:

Ukrainian Culture Center
Location: 730 W Elm St, Phoenix, Az 85013
Date: 3-12-22 & 3-13-22
Time: 10am - 4pm
St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Location: 1102 N 10th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Date: Every day
Time: 10am - 2pm

Here is a list of medical supplies still needed in Ukraine:

Tactical/Medical Supplies:

  • Backpacks, 10 x 19 x 14 (approximate size)
  • Bandage strips, 1’’ x 3’’
  • Big cinch abdominal bandage
  • Burn aid - water gel burn dressing 4x16
  • Burn aid - water gel burn dressing 4x4
  • Butterfly strips
  • Cervical collar
  • CPR mask 
  • Cravat bandage (CamoVat)
  • Dynarex medicut sterile disposable scalpels #10
  • EMT shears
  • Eye wash 4oz.
  • IV catheter 18g
  • IV catheter 20g
  • IV catheter 22g
  • IV starter kits
  • Medical adhesive tape rolls (2-3in)
  • Multi-trauma dressings, 12’’x30’’
  • Pain relievers -ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or both
  • Pair of tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Stainless steel hemostats
  • Sutures needle, size 6
  • The emergency (Israeli battle dressing) compression bandages
  • Tongue depressors
  • Triple antibiotic ointment (full size)

Hospital needs:

  • Abdominal pad (sometimes “ab pads”), 5’’ x 9’’ (2x)
  • Acetaminophen / Tylenol
  • Adhesive bandages (band-aids) in several sizes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Aluminum splint, 36’’
  • Ambu bags
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Antibiotics: Zosyn and unasyn iv, vancomycin iv
  • Antiseptics wipes
  • Aspirin / Bayer
  • Butterfly bandages, 0.5’’ x 2.75’’ (16x)
  • Caffeine pills
  • Central venous catheter kit
  • Chest seals (1 pair)
  • Coban roll, standard, 2’’ x 5 yards
  • Cravat / triangular bandage, 45’’ x 45’’ x 63’’
  • Diphenhydramine/Benadryl
  • Doxycycline and/or Bactrim antibiotics
  • Dressing materials, including dry or impregnated gauze
  • Elastic bandage
  • Elastic wrap/ACE bandage, standard 4’’ x 5 yards
  • Emergency blanket (2x)
  • Fluids: IVF (nss 09%, LR, d5nss)
  • Gauze pads, 4’’ x 4’’ (6x)
  • Gels, foams, hydrocolloids, alginates, hydrogels, and polysaccharide pastes, sutures
  • Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Hydrocortisone cream (1%)
  • Ibuprofen / Advil
  • Irrigation syringe, 20cc with an 18-gauge tip
  • IV catheters
  • Laryngeal tube
  • Loperamide / Imodium
  • Miconazole
  • Moleskin, 5’’ x 2’’ strip
  • Mouthpiece for giving CPR
  • Nasopharyngeal airway
  • Needle and thread stored in isopropyl alcohol (2x needle/thread, 1x small container)
  • Pepto-Bismol pills
  • Plastic cling wrap, 2’’’ wide roll
  • Plastic films
  • Portable ventilators
  • Pressure dressing
  • Rolled gauze, standard 4.5’’ x 4 yards
  • Safety pins (3x, various sizes)
  • Saline eye-drops
  • Silk medical tape roll, 1’’ wide
  • Tourniquet
  • Trauma shears
  • Tweezers
  • White petroleum jelly / Vaseline in small container
  • Z-fold gauze, standard 45’’ x 4 yards

Civilian goods:

  • Civilian drones
  • GPS 
  • Satellite phones
  • Medical tactical backpacks
  • Walkie-talkies