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Valley artist sees demand for custom sneakers

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Posted at 4:22 AM, Jun 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-06 07:43:31-04

Zoe Ruff said custom order shoes have been growing in popularity.

"It's just cool getting to talk to different people," Ruff said. "Every time you do this it can be something different."

Ruff is currently working in the medical field but has found a side gig by customizing shoes.

"I want to be a physician assistant...but I do enjoy doing it," she said.

Recently, Ruff had been painting shoes for Phoenix Suns fans.

She's also painted shoes for WNBA players during the team's "My Kick, My Cause" campaign.

"I've been doing art since I was a little kid and never thought it would be on such a big scale," said Ruff.

One of her favorite pairs included Air Max shoes for Brianna Turner that said "Black Voters Matter."

"They're a pair of gold shoes with a bunch of protest signs — those ones were super important to her and to me," she said.

Ruff said she likes making fans and players feel special.

One Suns fan, Chris Hollowell, ordered a custom pair of Jordan's with the "Rally the Valley" logo on them.

"I opened it up, it was kind of like Christmas," he said.

Hollowell grew up in Arizona but moved to Texas during the pandemic.

He said the shoes remind him of home.

"I think it's pride in my city," he said. "I live two states away and all of my family lives in Arizona...and it's nice to have a piece of home."

Ruff said she's comfortable painting shoes but would like to paint a mural one day.

To see more of her work you can check out her Instagram page, @ruffcustoms.