Stranger from Phoenix gives Tucson mother of two a free car

Posted at 5:39 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 11:44:56-04

What would you do if a stranger gave you a free car with no questions asked? 

Well, it happened to a Tucson mother of two who walks or bikes every day to get around despite her health problems. 

Laura Bever says a person in Phoenix, who wants to remain anonymous, posted to Facebook that she wanted to give her car to a deserving and hardworking family for free.



Bever says her boyfriend tagged her name and the woman chose her. 

"There are good people out there and I didn't even know her and she gave me her only car," explained Bever.

Bever is a mother of two battling Arteriovenous Malformation, a disease interfering with the body's ability to circulate blood. She has a GoFundMe page to raise money.

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She also explained she hadn't had a car for a year.

"After losing everything over and over again and my health it made me realize that not giving up was worth it because there is still good people still out there," she said.

The stranger dropped the car off to Bever Monday night with the keys, car title and tank full of gas. 

"What she did for me made me realize that people should pay it forward more even if it is the tiniest thing," she said. "You know it doesn't always have to be a car, even just the littlest thing can make such a big difference in somebody's life."

Bever hopes to pass along the good deed and give someone a car one day.