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Rising gas prices are having unforeseen consequences involving pest control

Posted at 10:29 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 01:29:01-04

PHOENIX — Pain at the pump is having some unforeseen consequences involving pest control. ABC15 got a glimpse of the new problems you may face trying to get rid of uninvited house guests.

Jon May moved into his Scottsdale home two weeks ago. And, like scorpions welcomed him, he welcomed Urban Desert Pest Control.

"Just recently had a newborn and the scorpions we have been finding have been in that room,” said May.

The father and husband who is quick to protect his family, is even faster when it comes to grabbing a black light and spray.

"I definitely see a couple, but for the past three nights, I think we have seen five. So, I think that is kind of a lot,” added May.

So, he called pest control to step in.

ABC15 watched as the company performed a black light service to look for scorpions.

Nicholas Kamrath, the company’s office manager, says the rise in gas prices is now affecting his company’s bottom line like so many other industries.

Fuel costs, this month alone, are on track to hit $10,000 which he says is up about $3,000 compared to May of last year.

"We are trying to keep all of the routes a little closer to our technicians’ home and trying to keep them in a much more confined area as opposed to letting them travel a little bit out," said Kamrath.

Urban Desert Pest Control has a few dozen employees and about 30 trucks.

While the company is adjusting which zip codes the employees work to look for and treat bugs, it is also considering something it hasn’t done in several years.

"We have been looking at raising prices just so we can keep our doors open,” added Kamrath.

The possibility of upping prices for customers is just one of the ripple effects of this jump in gas prices.

Urban Desert, like so many others, are hoping this trend will level off soon.