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Rio Verde to be cut off from water supply due to drought

Posted at 5:56 PM, Dec 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-02 19:56:13-05

PHOENIX — Families living in the Rio Verde foothills will have to find a new water source or suffer the consequences.

“And so it’s crucial we come up with an alternative solution,” said Karen Nabity, a Rio Verde resident.

Earlier this year, Scottsdale city leaders announced plans to activate their drought management plan due to a shortage of water on the Colorado River.

The plan includes limiting water supply to people and businesses within city limits.

Nabity has lived in Rio Verde for several years and is trying to create a new water district to help people living in the area.

The district, if approved, would take water from the Harquahala Valley and have it processed and hauled to homes in the Rio Verde.

According to Nabity, the district would charge some fees but said the rates would be comparable to what they’re paying now.

The city is giving families in the Rio Verde area until the end of 2022 to create a plan.

However, Nabity said they need to move quickly so they can start building the necessary infrastructure.

The district still has to be approved by Maricopa County supervisors.

However, some people are opposed to creating the district.

A spokesperson for the county told ABC15, the board was waiting on a new district 2 supervisor to be chosen.

Nabity said the group will be holding meetings for the next week to answer questions and collect signatures.