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New booster shots arriving as COVID fatigue soars

Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-07 20:38:29-04

PHOENIX — Local pharmacies and clinics are starting to receive the newest COVID-19 booster shots but some people say they're done.

While standing outside the Pleasant Pediatrics clinic in Peoria, Elaine Jones made her feelings known about the new booster.

"I'm not a very good shot taker, so I'm over all the shots they're coming out with now," she said. "I've done the first two, and I'm not gonna do anymore. That's it for me. If I get covid, I get covid," Jones said.

She's not alone.

Pleasant Pediatrics Project Manager, Akshay Ravi admits they've seen interest wane in COVID-19 services since the start of the pandemic.

"The community interest definitely has gone down from last year from what we've seen," Ravi said.

But to be clear, he said, lots of people still want protection.

"We already have about 100 appointments on the schedule for tomorrow," Ravi said.

Pleasant Pediatrics got their first shipment of the Moderna booster on Wednesday and are expecting the new Pfizer version at any time.

He says the Maricopa County Health Department reached out to them about two weeks ago informing them that out of the state's 35,000 doses they're being stocked with 200 Pfizer doses and 300 Moderna at each of their locations.

Anyone 12 and older can get the new shot.

The Pfizer version is for teens and adults, while the Moderna version is for anyone 18 and older.

And you need to wait two months since your last shot before getting the new booster.

Ravi says the new boosters are designed specifically to fight the highly contagious Omicron strain.

"This new Bivalent vaccine series is supposed to be more efficient for the newer strains of COVID that are coming out," Ravi said.

Pleasant Pediatrics is taking online appointments only but says people can call if they don't have access to the internet.

Marissa Calderon is Associate Director for Family Empowerment at Chicanos Por La Causa.

Their organization, she says, still encourages its members to take precautions against the coronavirus.

"Our programs are still encouraging vaccinations and booster shots," Calderon added.

She was working at the W. Van Buren St. Community Center Wednesday and said while it's only natural for people to experience COVID-19 fatigue, it's important to remember that fighting the virus will go a long way to protect vulnerable adults and children in the Latino community.

"We don't want to close or reduce services, we want to expand them so they understand, there is a little bit of a fatigue, but they get it."

Chicanos Por La Causa with its ASU Biodesign partners, Paradigm Labs, Maricopa County, and Phoenix Union High School, still offers free Covid testing at its various locations and can provide members with information on where to get the booster shot.