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Kari Lake repeats claim of voter fraud, but does not cite any evidence

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 01:39:35-04

Republican candidate for Governor Kari Lake repeated again Thursday, without providing evidence, claims of voter fraud in the 2022 Arizona primary. Lake made the claim on KTAR's Mike Broomhead Show.

"I'm not going to clarify it," Lake said. "We are on to some things that are very suspicious and possibly illegal. We're working on it. I don't want to ruin the investigation."

The investigation, as Lake defined it, is limited to her campaign. No complaint has been filed with any local, state or federal law enforcement agencies.

This week the U.S. Attorney for the Arizona District announced it will once again investigate complaints of voting fraud and suppression in Arizona.

"We are seeing, so far, that the system is working," U.S. Attorney Gary Restaino said. "It's a system that is highly professionalized to the county recorder and the Secretary of State's Office."

Restaino says the F.B.I. is working with state law enforcement through Arizona's Counter Terrorism Information Center. They're trying to find trends and see problems related with voting. So far, nothing. Nearly a half million early ballots have been counted in Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer says at voting sites and ballot drop boxes everything is going smoothly without incident.

"The reality is it's all safe," Richer said.

The Arizona Secretary of State's office reports people who are responding to its voting incident site online are upset about using felt tip pens at voting locations and want their ballot hand counted. But there have been no complaints about voter fraud or attempts to suppress the vote.

Officials say if the Lake Campaign knows of instances of voter fraud it needs to tell law enforcement and not just hint that it's happening. ABC 15 reached out to the Lake campaign to find out where it's seeing signs of potential fraud. We have not heard back from them.