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A Mesa family’s message after mother with COVID-19 dies in labor

Bertha Esteban Diego
Posted at 5:46 PM, Jul 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-22 19:32:59-04

MESA, AZ — A young Mesa mother infected with COVID-19 died while giving birth. Her husband spoke to the ABC15 Investigators with the hopes that he can bring awareness about the disease to the Latino community.

“Everything will be okay. Take care of my son,” were the last words from Bertha Esteban Diego to Gaspar Diego before going into labor and passing away a few weeks ago.

Gaspar explained what happened to ABC15 in Spanish, “Todavia estaba muy debil.” (“She was too weak still.”)

Bertha and Gaspar got infected with COVID-19 just two weeks before giving birth to their second child, Daniel Diego. Daniel never got to meet his mother.

“Se le paró el corazon,” (“Her heart stopped.”) said Gaspar.

Bertha was only 25 years old. The couple had planned a wedding for the end of the year, but now Gaspar is left to mourn the love of his life while raising their two boys alone. All that in the middle of a pandemic that has struck the Latino community the hardest.

Gaspar explained the shock he felt, “No podía creerlo porque no lo estaba viendo, era como un sueño, es un sueño.” (“I couldn’t believe it because I wasn’t there to see it. Like it was a dream, it’s a dream.”)

Both parents contracted COVID-19, so Gaspar couldn’t be with his wife or their older son.

This family now torn apart by coronavirus is hoping that sharing their story can save other people’s lives.

“Decimos no es cierto, no me va tocar a mi, pero porque no lo han vivido esta enfermedad es muy dura y no se le desea a nadie.” (“We say this is not real, it won’t happen to me, but you say that because you haven’t lived it. This is a difficult disease; I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.”)

Gaspar says he will cherish the memories he has of his wife forever and is thankful for their baby Daniel who, despite his tragic birth, remains a healthy baby boy full of joy.

If you would like to help the family visit their GoFundMe page.