Online grocery shopping: Worth a try?

Posted at 5:14 PM, May 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 16:07:29-04

Grocery stores are keeping up with the digital age, offering online grocery shopping and pickup or delivery from their websites and apps. 

It's is a new trend in Tucson for the busy person and a necessity for those who can't leave home. 

At Walmart, online ordering is as simple as any other online purchase. You choose the things you like, and an employee will have it at your car at a time you choose.

"Once you go through this traffic and stuff you get kinda irritated. You're like 'ugh' I'm dreading going through the store," says Gary Moore, an avid Walmart Grocery customer, "but you can beat all that by just coming around and picking it up."

If you order something that goes out of stock or isn't available by the time you pickup, Walmart will give you a better option at no cost, or you can drop it from the order. 

"We'll never charge a customer more money for a substitution. They'll pay exactly what they intended to pay," reassures Walmart regional trainer Jimmie Turner. "Our customers are always looking for more convenient ways of shopping, so it starts with an online presence and what we can bring to the customer."

It's always free to use the pick-up service with Walmart (see FAQ's and locations here).

Walmart currently does not accept coupons and requires a minimum $30 order.

"When you go to the grocery store, you've gotta keep a running tally of how much you're spending," says Charlie, whose wife ordered the groceries online the night before while watching Netflix, and he picked them up the next morning, "but if you've got a set amount you want to spend, you just basically do that as you're doing your budget online."

Fry's ClickList is a popular option in Tucson. 

It works the same way as Walmart's online grocery ordering, but it is only free for the first three orders. It's also only available in select locations in Tucson.

Fry's ClickList does accept coupons. 

Tucson resident Lori Hanes says, "Love Fry's Click list service! So convenient and easy!"

For an even more convenient experience, consider delivery rather than pickup.

Safeway offers delivery to select areas with a minimum $50 purchase. You go to their website and select items, just like the aforementioned online orders.

It's free the first time you use it. After that, there's a $10-$13 fee and a gas surcharge, depending on the cost of your order and distance to your home. 

Safeway grocery delivery does accept coupons.

Coleen Mangan Keedah told KGUN9, "I have a house-bound aunt who does Safeway home delivery; it is great. She would literally starve without it." 

She points out the necessity of home delivery for some people, while it's a convenience for others.

"We have tried and used WalMart and Fry's. WalMart's system is the easiest, Fry's next easiest. WalMart's pickup procedure is great at the store on Tucson Blvd. -- the only one we've used," say Steve and Pam Park. While they're fans of pickup, they say Safeway's system is "entirely too cumbersome."

Basha's uses Instacart and is not available in Tucson, but it is currently in Phoenix and Tempe. Food City also does not have a delivery or online order option. 

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Following our story, CVS Pharmacy reached out to us to let us know about their offerings. While not a fully stocked grocery store, which is why it was not initially included, we thought it would be good to know about for you and your family. 

CVS Curbside Pickup allows shoppers to place their order on the CVS Pharmacy App and have it delivered with the hour to their car. CVS’s Ship & Save program lets customers save on repeat orders every time.

Your CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Rewards Program card always applies to orders, so you can find savings and rewards when you shop.