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Flasher spotted repeatedly along Chandler canal

Posted at 10:36 PM, Sep 21, 2012
and last updated 2018-02-07 16:08:22-05

A flasher has been spotted repeatedly along a popular jogging trail in Chandler.

Several people have reported seeing him along the western canal, just north of Elliot Road.

Police told ABC15 the man has been seen several times in recent months by joggers running up and down the western canal.

Whole stretches of the path along the canal for runners, bikers, and walkers is lit by solar-powered LED lights at night, and people say it seems pretty safe.

So far, Chandler police have nine reports from women jogging along here in the early morning hours about a man out here exposing himself.

One woman said she saw a man behaving strangely in some bushes by a park a few hundred yards away. She didn't call police, but says she likely will now that she knows he's been spotted by others.

All of the reports apparently say he hasn't approached them, he just stands pretty far off the path, near some bushes and naked.

In each case, the victims have taken off, running the other way. The flasher is gone by the time police get to the area.