Hidden fees that can kill your vacation budget

Posted at 3:48 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 21:57:25-04
Where oh where will you go seeking shade this summer?
I'd actually like to hit another sunny spot, Hawaii!
But I'm on a Flagstaff budget right now.
And we do love Flagstaff!
If you're planning your summer time away, beware.
I've got a few things you should think about that could save you from a couple to a couple hundred bucks.
First off, check reviews for those beautiful looking resorts or cruises.
The pictures many not be based in reality.
Also, don't rely on those "free" tickets or trips you get by listening to some travel club sales pitch.
Many times, you can't book the trips or there are extra fees that just cost too much.
Other concerns:
-Look for "resort" fees that may not be included in an advertised hotel price
-Do you have to pay for parking?
-Check cancelation policies for flights booked through third parties and not the airline
-And with rental cars, check for damage and write it on the contract before you take the car.
If you are renting a car, get ready to be sold added insurance, which you don't need if your insurance covers you.
Also check with your credit card companies.
Some of them may offer insurance on rental cars, IF you don't buy the companies insurance.
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