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Women are getting pregnancy congratulations letters, but they aren't expecting

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 04, 2020

Getting a congratulations card in the mail is usually a good thing, but some women are questioning one they're getting that congratulates them on being pregnant.

Renee Johnson says, "it looked like a friend had sent me a card with coupons and baby stuff."

It came handwritten, even with some ink smudges and no return address.

But it was full of coupons for baby products.

Renee is a new mom.

Still, the "Jennie N." congratulations and signature had her stumped.

"I reached out to every Jen or Jennifer that I knew to see if it came from them. And everyone was just as confused and said, 'that wasn't us,'" Renee says.

She did some digging and found it actually was a promotion coming from Mothers Lounge, a Utah-based baby product business.

The Better Business Bureau gives the company an F, questioning the promotion and saying they have complaints from women getting it who are not pregnant.

We asked Mother's Lounge about the promotion, how they get addresses, and if their promotion has changed. They did not reply in time for this story.

However, they told the New York Times, "the qualified recipients for this mailer have, at one point, subscribed to an opt-in list for maternity deals and coupons through a third-party marketing company."'

The BBB also questions the company's "free shipping" offer.

If you have a problem with an ad or offer you see, let me know.