Who has access to your storage unit?

Posted at 5:17 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 21:23:34-05
A Phoenix woman thought her life was changing for the better.
Loretta Clark and her fiancé, John, were headed to new places. He was a truck driver and had his belongings on his truck. She had hers stored in a Public Storage unit that they both shared.
Then John died of a heart attack.
Having to move on by herself now, Loretta tried to get access to the unit and remove her belongings.However, since she was just listed as a "user" and the unit was in John's name, Loretta was locked out.
It's understandable — Public Storage has rules about granting access.
Loretta said the company wanted a death certificate as proof her fiance died. However, she couldn't get it because they weren't legally married.
So Loretta let me know, and the Assistance League of Phoenix volunteer team took it on.
Our volunteer, Charlotte, went to work.
She got Loretta's information and contacted the legal team at Public Storage. Charlotte worked with them and she found a solution.
Public Storage agreed to accept a notarized affidavit and something from John's funeral home.
And we were there when Loretta got access.
She and her family moved out beds and other personal belongings.
And Loretta was so happy she told me if Charlotte was there "I'd hug her and tell her thanks a whole bunch."
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