Water line warranty worries?

Posted at 7:01 PM, Mar 24, 2017

Have you gotten a letter offering a protection plan for a water line on your property?

The letter calls it a "Water Line Responsibility Review" and warns that  "the water line on your property deteriorates over time" and "a replacement may cost thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses."

Viewer Bhalchandra got one, but became suspicious because it asked for his credit card number to pay for the coverage.

In an email he writes "I think it's a scam...please let me know what you think."

While we never recommend just handing over your personal information to anyone, the letter he got is from a legitimate company.

Towards the bottom of the mailer, the text says it's actually from a warranty company called Homserve USA based in Connecticut. 

In Arizona, these types are companies are regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance. Check with them for complaints and actions against them.

Also, look online for reviews and reputation.

The bigger question: Is it worth it?

You are responsible for the line running from the city connection at the street to your house, but the pipe is not very long and some plans can have a lot of exclusions. Get in writing exactly what be covered and under what circumstances then decide.

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