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Warranties, refunds and debt collectors: How Arizonans fought back and won!

Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 10, 2021

What happens when you buy a car with an extended warranty, but trade-in the car before the warranty is over? Can you get money back?

Ron says he was promised a $450 refund after this happened to him. "At this point and time, we've been calling and they keep saying they are working on it," Ron says.

So, Ron let me know and wanted the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau problem solvers to take a look.

Our team of volunteers took it on. Turns out the dealer had the money but went out of business before giving it to Ron.

A few calls to the right people and Ron got all of the $450 he was owed. Case solved!

While this situation was unique, when it comes to extended warranties you can cancel at any time and get a pro-rated refund for the time you have left.

Bill is another Arizonan who turned to us for help. He had to do what many of you have done over the last few months- cancel a trip.

Bill was headed to Mexico and spent $707 on the flights.

He says he was "unable to get a refund or ticket exchange. Just getting the old run around. I'm 74 and can't afford throwing away money."

Volunteer George got involved. The case was complicated because it involved the airline and an online third party travel seller.

George went to both businesses and in a few weeks, Bill says "I did get a travel voucher. Thank you for helping me." Case Solved!

The rules say if an airline cancels a flight, you must get a refund if you request it. If you cancel the trip, they can give you a credit and should have done that earlier for Bill.

Jane got a surprise call from a debt collector saying, "an old bill just popped up and I don't know anything about it." She says "they tell me it's a credit card bill. It's for $5,000."

Jane let me know and our team went to work. Volunteer Ellen researched and found "they have the wrong person."

It took a couple of months but after Ellen got hold of the right people, she says "Just talked to Jane. Everything has been resolved." Case solved!

In Arizona, businesses have six years to try and collect debt on most written contracts including credit card and most other debt.

If it is your debt, pay it. If not, fight it.

Click here for more on your debt collection rights.