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Valley woman falls victim to Microsoft license scam

Posted at 5:39 PM, Dec 05, 2018
and last updated 2019-03-17 20:47:50-04

Your Microsoft license has expired, and you must take action.

It's the newest way scammers are trying to get into your computer.

Warn your relatives, tell your friends.

No one will ever call you about a computer license OR about any virus on your computer.

Peggy says she knew that.

But when her computer froze, she froze too.

It said she had a virus and to call a number.

She did.

The so-called "business" sold her a $499 computer security package.

But they ended up charging her twice.

To get a refund, Peggy ended up doing what she said she'd never do.

She says she panicked and fell for the scam.

Peggy ended up letting them into her bank account.

And she bought an expensive gift card and read the numbers over the phone as instructed.

In the end, she lost about $2000.

Peggy says you may think you'd never do this as she did.

But she says its different once it happens to you.

Remember, Microsoft does not know if your computer has a virus.

They will never call you.

No computer technician knows about your computer unless you tell them.

If you get something similar, do not call the number on the screen.

It's a scam.

Instead, turn your computer off and try to start it up again in "safe mode."

You may also want to take it to a trusted computer shop for a checkup.