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Posted: 4:05 PM, May 25, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-25 21:45:00-04
Is your smartphone collecting data and invading your privacy? 
The allegation is that Carrier IQ software, which is in many smartphones, collects names, passwords and other personal information.
The company settled a class action lawsuit for 9 million dollars. And you could get part of it, if your smartphone was made between December of 2007 and March of 2016. It does not involve iPhones or Verizon customers.
Carrier IQ admits no wrongdoing.
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In another settlement, Family Dollar has agreed to pay up to $500 in gift cards and cash.
Allegations were that the company sent text messages to cellphones without getting the customers approval. It allegedly happened between October of 2013 and March of 2016.
Family Dollar admits no wrongdoing.
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Finally, if you have a Wells Fargo mortgage, did you use Genuine Title to close it?
A class action settlement alleges Wells employees received benefits for pushing the title company to customers. It allegedly happened between 2009 and 2014.
If you qualify, you're entitled up to 120 percent of what you paid to Genuine Title. You should find that amount on your settlement statement.
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