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Walmart makes good on bad gift card as Let Joe Know team gets money back for consumers

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-27 09:54:34-04

Gift cards are supposed to be an easy process, but they're becoming more and more of a hassle for people.

Leonard reached out to the Let Joe Know team to say he received a $100 Walmart card for Christmas, but when he checked the balance, it showed zero.

He found out someone used the card in Tucson two weeks earlier.

Our problem-solving team went to work and, volunteer Grant, contacted Walmart about the situation.

A Walmart spokesperson said they take fraud very seriously and would contact the customer about it, and they did.

Not only did Leonard receive his $100 gift card back, he also received an extra $25!

It's important to protect yourself when buying any gift card. You should consider buying them online so they're sent from the retailer directly.

If you must buy in store, look for signs of package or pin number tampering.

Another issue many people have reached out to the Let Joe Know team about involves medical bills.

Laurie reached out about a bill she received after a procedure.

She says she made a $292 payment "promptly online" and the funds cleared her bank account, but then she received "another invoice requesting payment for the same service."

When alerted ABC15, volunteer Ellen, got involved and it took two weeks with Ellen saying, "after numerous emails back and forth with the medical company we found the error."

Another common issues we told you about last month involves a vacation suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miraim Killen and her husband spent more than $5,000 to travel with Trafalgar Tours, but she says the tour was rescheduled and then suspended.

With no rescheduled date, Miriam wanted her refund. After she contacted Let Joe Know, we reached out to Trafalgar and they agreed to make an exception to their policy.

Miriam just sent us proof that nearly $5,500 went back into her account!

Our Let Joe Know team can help you too.