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Valley woman's gift delivered to wrong address

Posted at 7:25 PM, Dec 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-14 01:09:23-05

Sometimes the post office messes up, but what if you can't get them to fix it?
It's a question Sun City resident Judy Nixon has been asking since the day before Thanksgiving.

That's when she found out that the Christmas gift cards she mailed to her nieces and nephews in Las Vegas never made it to them.

She went back to the post office where she sent the presents and found out the package had been delivered to the wrong address.

And when the carrier went to get it back days later, she was told: "The people in the house said they didn't know anything about it."

Judy tracked the gift cards and found 3 of the 4 gift cards were spent within hours of delivery. She couldn't believe it.

 "If you opened the front by mistake and once you got inside, you saw little kids’ names in their little kid cards, I would stop and go 'whoops this isn't for me," she said.

Judy said after filing two claims she was getting nowhere with the United State Postal Service.

"When I filed to find out if a crime has been committed, the person who took my information and gave me the case number I asked him, 'how do I get reimbursed for the stuff that was taken' and he says, ‘you might have to find an attorney.’  And I'm like, ‘Why? Why would I have to get an attorney? You guys need to take responsibility.’"

So, Judy let me know.

We asked the postal service, what happened?

In a statement, a spokesman says in part, "The Postal service has apologized and has been working with the customer to replace the value of the contents of her package. While this incident is regrettable, it is an anomaly and not reflective of the overall reliable service the Postal Service provides..."

A few days later Judy got the call she'd been waiting for and let me know, "I received a check today from the US post office to reimburse me for the three missing gift cards, postage, and the Hallmark cards."

And she's replaced the gifts but still isn't sure how she's going to send them.

There are a few things we learned here. If you have lost mail, check if they can find it through GPS. Also, keep your receipts for the postage and the contents for proof. That's how Judy was able to get back the value of what was lost.