Valley spa defends self against angry customers

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jan 28, 2016

Winter in Arizona is a great time for a hot tub. 

But some customers of one local business worry winter will be over before their tubs even arrive.

Tamara Orolim says she ordered hers in December from Mr. Spa in Avondale.

She says she put down $4,000 and financed $8,000 more.

But she says six weeks later, she didn't have the hot tub and that the manufacturer told her they had not received money to start making it yet.

Patty Rister let me know she gave a $3,000 deposit to Mr. Spa in early November.

She still doesn't have the spa and says she can't get the business to explain why.

We interviewed Mr. Spa owner Dave Miller last summer.

Miller took over Spa Man Spa locations, a sister business to the now closed Paddock Pools.

Many customers paid for but didn't get their spas. 

So Miller paid for them out of his own money. He now says that is part of what put him behind.

Miller says it's also been a slow buying season. He is now closing two of his five Valley stores.

And he says that puts him in a much better position financially.

Miller admits Patty "slipped through the cracks."

The day of our interview, Miller gave Patty back her $3,000 deposit.

But Miller claims he just recently got funding for Tamara and has now ordered her hot tub.

He says it should be delivered in mid-February.

He vowed to remain in business and says anyone who pays him, will get their spa.

It's a promise we'll be tracking.

Protect yourself: Get contact information for the spa manufacturer and ask them about the store.

They should also be able to tell you about an order if you already paid.

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